Outpatient Quality Measures OQR

Core Measures Abstraction Service

Outpatient care refers to the medical treatment a patient gets without having to be admitted to a hospital. A number of diagnostic and therapeutic measures which do not need to be necessarily performed by keeping you admitted to a hospital are included in outpatient care. For instance, certain lab tests, X-ray filming, emergency department services all are included in the outpatient. Healthcare industries have proved to be really effective in the recent times by providing hospitals with core measures and abstraction services. These companies provide hospitals with medical record abstraction based on statistical data and chart reviews. This enables these hospitals and medical professional to quickly attain their data collection goals. Below are the list for core measures abstraction:

  • Emergency Department Throughput
  • Stroke

The medical record is the most effective way of getting detailed medical information regarding certain aspects of patient care. It does not only help in improving the services provided by your hospital, but greatly enhances your cost-effectiveness, helps in saving a lot of time, and opens new gateways for the research purposes. The outpatient unit is usually seen to be very crowded and the patients are sometimes neglected of the healthcare services they need. By having good data records and abstraction services, a hospital setting is guaranteed to improve in all the aspects and thus provide better healthcare services.