HIA Pro Fee

Medical Coding Services

Our highly trained pro fee coders will establish a balanced and efficient fee coding service for different department of your hospital. This, in turn, will take the coding process of your hospital to a professional level, thus bringing more integrity to your system.

In terms of the hospital setup, pro fee is that part of the fee which refers to the professional component of the fee structure. Professional component means the part of the fee that holds as the physician’s part. Our coders are provided with the top-rated up-to-date coding tools such as programs with the latest coding software. This software enables the provision of coding services by using ICD-9-CM, CPT, CCI, and HCPCS codes.

All our professional coders have been declared eligible by Certified Professional Coder (CPC). It is to be noted that the trend of hiring companies that provide coding services in the medical field has exponentially increased during the last few years. This attributes to the high-efficiency that the coding system has brought to the field of hospital administration.

Coding services are far quicker than the traditional billing services. They also save a lot of cost that is spent on the billing process. Thus, it is necessary for any hospital to adapt this system in order to prevail in the modern field of medicine. Our company is based on a group of professionals with years of experience who are ready to provide these services at affordable rates.