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Medical Coding Services

The term medical coding refers to the accumulation and transfer of medical techniques; analysis, diagnoses as well as the particulars regarding medical equipment utilized at healthcare facilities into remarkable computer generated alphanumeric codes. Such an action is executed by the help of medical coding professionals who ensure 100% accurate transfer of the codes of every particular patient visiting the healthcare facility.


The scope for COC (Certified Outpatient Coding) system spreads over a vast interface. The COC (Certified Outpatient Coding) system has the capability to provide an efficient coding system with expertise related to the allocating specific medical codes for techniques, diagnosis and the procedures implemented in a health care facility.

The COC (Certified Outpatient Coding) system operates over a wide scope of service departments, overlooking the specifics for management, anesthesia, radiological examination, pathological cultures as well as any surgical therapies.

An efficient COC (Certified Outpatient Coding) system incorporates the ability to orchestrate changes in reimbursement regulations relative to outpatient grouping mechanisms. Additionally, the ability to orchestrate fee updates, Field Locators (FL) on the UB04 as well as rejuvenate the Charge Description Master (CDM) is also an additional advantage of the COC (Certified Outpatient Coding) system.

The demand of proficiency among coding systems is what motivates professional coders to modernize the element of stored data increasingly mechanically. COC (Certified Outpatient Coding) systems are a part of an entire mechanism which enhances the healthcare experience.