Coding and Billing

Discharge Not Final Billed Solutions

We are committed to giving ongoing profits to the clients by leveraging technology and applying the best practices throughout our Medical Coding and Billing solutions, which are divided into three categories:

    1. ICD-10 Coding

  • Inpatient Coding
  • Outpatient Coding
  • Risk Adjustment Coding
  • Pro-Fee Coding (Billing) Physician side
  • ED Coding (Emergency Department)
  • Wound Care Coding
  • Consult and Staffing
  • Practitioner Education
  • Outcomes Improvement
  • Outlier Validation

2. Revenue Cycle Management: Streamlined Billing to third party payers, Medicare, Medicaid, out of network, and negotiate rates. Client bill reduction via customizable patient portal

    3. Appeals and Audits

  • CMS and Retro Ins Audits- RAC
  • Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

The goal is to provide high-quality solutions that are cost-efficient so that our clients will be able to achieve their goals as well. With the combination of your hard work and our services, you can increase your bottom line while experiencing quality-centric process to help your business accomplish growth.

What You Can Expect from Our Coding and Billing Solutions

We strive to make sure you are comfortable working with us. Outsourcing medical solutions from our team of professionals will help make your business processes seamless and stress-free. We always go the extra mile to guarantee our valuable customers that we are always ready to provide:

  • Fast turnaround of the outsourced work
  • Increase in revenue without worrying about the costs
  • Assured quality standards to satisfy your needs and demands
  • Confidence in continuity through the use of vigorous resource planning and mechanisms that promote retention
  • A team that focuses on the clients no matter what time of the day
  • A team that evaluates the quality of the projects to ensure that contract is followed and that results are flawless

Our experience in managing numerous outsourcing medical projects and ventures help us understand your needs, allowing you to realize your company’s mission.