Compliance, Accreditation, and Security

In today’s era, healthcare industries need to comply with regulatory standards in order to assure that they are recognized and appreciated overall. Not to mention that you may face strict penalties from the federal governing bodies if your organization is proven to be not compliant. Furthermore, apart from being compliant, your organization needs to remain secure as well. What does this mean? Compliance means to follow the standards set by the regulating bodies, security means to protect sensitive information produced by your organization. HIA and ICRS can provide services that will ensure that your organization is both secure and compliant with all standards.

We offer the following services for compliance and security:

  • Startup and renewal survey preparation; continuous compliance with federal and state licensing and regulatory agencies
  • Independent Practitioners and Peer Review Quality Assurance Monitoring
  • ITS Security implementation and policy guidance: BYOD, MDM, HIPAA compliant texting
  • Endpoint security and user security profile management

Our team of highly dedicated professionals stays on the cutting edge of technology to secure your healthcare industry. Our expertise will fulfill all the compliance and security requirements that your business needs.

If your company is looking to get compliant and secure, contact us right away