Feb 19, 2016 / By HIA Admin

Severe Sepsis Bundle

About Severe Sepsis Bundle

The severe sepsis bundle is being offered to the public to help care for those inflicted with this deadly disease in the most efficient manner. The bundle is aimed at providing the core measure of treatments for the patients so the infection can be treated with the best possible results.

The core measure abstraction on this topic discusses how the bundle uses seven interventions in a 6 hour period to achieve the best possible results for the patients. There are also 4 interventions in the bundle that have to be achieved in a 24 hour period. The progress and results in the implementation of the bundle interventions must be kept track.  By keeping track of the goals achieved and just how effective the measures in the bundles work in helping the patient to recover from sepsis.

The medical campaign to reduce the death rate of patients with sepsis began back in 2004. The introduction of the sepsis bundles was to help the doctors in providing the necessary care for their patients in a manner that improved the diagnosis of the deadly infection and help them treat it so the death rate would decline.

Since it was introduced the sepsis bundle measures have used the funds for this type of treatment in an efficient manner along with improving the care the patients have been receiving. This has lead to improvement in the processes used in the sepsis bundle measures so a reduction in the death rates of infected patients is accomplished.

There are ongoing studies investigating just how effective and efficient the new sepsis bundle measures are in the successful treatment of patients with this deadly disease. The exact numbers are not in yet but the results appear to be positive with more people surviving their battle with this deadly infection.