Feb 19, 2016 / By HIA ADMIN

Four reasons why healthcare conventions are useful

For a professional, there are many ways to advance in a career. Some may prefer to change their work attitude and lifestyle while some may attempt to be more flexible and more appreciative of their work.

But one guaranteed way to take that next step in terms of your professional career is to be mentored – to learn something bigger than the usual reference books, textbooks, and journals your live by.

Medical or healthcare conventions are mentoring and learning opportunities that are especially made for medical professionals who seek improvement in their specific fields. Spanning for an average of 2-3 days, medical conventions or conferences typically involve diverse and informative talks, presentations, and open discussions of healthcare professionals.

Here are some reasons why attending such are important:

1) Conferences are learning opportunities.

Clearly, the biggest benefits one may take away from attending medical conventions are the learning one may get from it. With the advancement of technology today, medical and healthcare fields are subject to great quantities of development and breakthroughs. Diverse topics under the medical field make healthcare conferences an exceptional opportunity for healthcare professionals to learn about such advances.

Just this September 7-10, I had the privilege to take part in the 39th Annual Educational Conference in Nashville, TN where diverse topics related to health care quality were discussed.

As a professional focusing on the field of healthcare quality, I found every talk done during the conference truly helpful – giving me new insights about different subject matters under my field.

Mr. Will Yu did one particular talk that I liked which tackled different various frameworks for monitoring and influencing healthcare quality and risk by using data management analysis. It provided me with new techniques on how to handle my job as a healthcare quality professional.

Exchange of ideas also serves as learning opportunities when one attends a medical conference. Participation in open forums and question-and-answer portions of conferences enables an individual to advance not only professionally but also personally. Insights gained from these are truly valuable, thus asking questions and getting real time answers are highly encouraged in conferences and conventions.

2) Conferences can expand your network.

When you hear the word “conference” or “convention,” the first thing that would probably come into your mind is a picture of a huge, high-ceilinged room jam-packed with exhibits and people. But instead of thinking of it as something troublesome, attending a medical convention should be thought of as a beneficial avenue for a professional to expand his or her network.

For medical and healthcare quality professionals, conventions are the perfect way to grow their professional network. With the right people, it can open many doors for anyone. A strong and solid network can never go wrong – it can serve one well for many years to come. It can also help in assuring you in these times of economic uncertainty.

When attending a conference, make sure you have ready, updated business cards to give, and open your hands for incoming ones.

3). Conference lets you view interesting exhibits.

One of the most interesting things a professional should look forward to in a convention is the exhibit portion.


Rows of displays from different organizations and professionals exhibiting their products and services are one of the most exciting parts in attending a conference. The wide range of ideas through the products and services that they present can be beneficial to a professional’s gain of knowledge

Exhibits are not only beneficial to a professional but to business as well. For organizations, exhibits are great opportunities to establish their brand – what they stand for, what they believe in, and what they can contribute to their field. The number of people attending the convention can also be a set of potential customers and clients in the future. Conventions can be a way to tell the people of the world who you are as an organization – a chance to show your set of skills and expertise in your field.

4) Conventions give you a whole new experience.

Every convention you attend is a different experience altogether.

In the field of healthcare, there are many themes and subject matters – accreditation, associations, consulting services, data analysis, equipment, software, support services, and others. And where will you experience these entire subjects all at one place? Nowhere but in conferences and conventions, of course. And that what makes conventions an experience of a lifetime.

I attended 15th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community in Washington, DC this April, and it was a whole new experience. Aside from all the new things that I learned, I got to meet new people who share the same passion as I do and had the chance to exchange my ideas with them.

In conclusion, if you are a professional or an organization, conventions are not something you just simply ignore. In truth, participating in conventions are the perfect way for a person to grow.